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Frequently Asked Questions

How important is an online web presence to your business success?

Marketing research studies undertaken in this country consistently show :

• 80% of potential customers indicate that they typically visit the company’s website before making a purchase decision
• 83% of potential customers report that the website holds at least "some influence" over their decision to initiate an initial enquiry with a company
• 74% of potential customers said that the company’s website holds at least "some influence" over their decision to purchase from a company.

How do people find local information online?
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Will search become more popular during the recession?
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I am having trouble viewing SMARTPAGES on my browser. What can I do?
We highly recommend viewing SMARTPAGES on Internet Explorer 7. This browser can be downloaded for free at:

Can anyone advertise for free?
All non-profit organisations are eligible to receive free advertising and promotion for suitably themed events on YOC websites and weekly e-magazines however the publisher does reserve the right to refuse any content submitted.

Can I submit a column to promote my small business?
Articles/blogs for items of editorial interest can often be published at no charge however the publisher reserves the right to refuse any content submitted or to charge a fee to cover sub-edit/pre-production costs.

Can anyone advertise on YOC?
Online advertising can be a very economical and YOC has numerous ways for businesses to make contact with local prospects or regular customers.

SMARTPAGES only accepts free listings from businesses operating within the community and local advertisers ALWAYS have preference over businesses located outside the area.

Can I get a free listing on SMARTPAGES?
All businesses operating within a community are entitled to a free listing in their relevant category – the Get Listed on the toolbar or the Add my Listing function within categories is for online submissions – there is in fact no limit to the number of free listings that can be submitted providing entries are restricted to no more than one per category.

If you are interested in a paid Sponsored Listing or Category Opener you can also use these devices to express your interest – a representative will make contact, usually within 24 hours.

What is the difference between a Sponsored Listing and a Category Opener?
Up to six Sponsored Listings (SL) can appear in the two rows on the first screen of any SMARTPAGES category.

All SLs have artwork, hyperlinks to advertiser websites, maps and SmartVideo links
(where applicable) and also include a description of the business and email contact under the More button.

There is only one Category Opener for any category and it not only has all the functionality of a SL but it occupies the premium position and larger artwork plus map and description on both front page and under the More button.

What is a Network-type community portal?
YOC utilises an original and unique configuration being ‘a network of networks within a network (the internet)’.

The design was conceived and developed by YOC’s founder Andrew Connery as part of his Masters Thesis at the University of Wollongong 2003-2006.

What is SOLD Technology?
SOLD or Search Optimizing Local Directory technology is subject to patents in both Australia and USA – the invention dramatically improves the accessibility of locally based websites to all search engines.

What is Your Online Community (YOC)?
YOC is a network of web-based communities (launched in early 2001) operating within Greater Sydney with its head office in Wollongong.

Each community has its own portal and weekly e-magazine together with a local business directory called SMARTPAGES and an amateur sports result website – YOC also operates a video sharing portal 

While most services and tools are provided completely free YOC is in fact a privately owned internet start up company refer: ABN 24 124 091 425.

Who are the people behind YOC?
Your Online Community Pty Limited was incorporated on 22 February, 2007. Previously it had operated under the umbrella of Empower Australia, a Wollongong based marketing and print media group, originally established in 1989.

The company received a Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships in 2004. Most YOC websites include a video featuring head office staff and members of the management team.

How do I contact YOC?
All YOC websites include a number of ways for users to communicate. You can email us using Contact Us or Get Listed, or use the Comments box on e-magazines.

Email is preferred and most enquiries are responded to within one business day, however if necessary you can always phone to speak to a person during business hours by calling (02) 9516 2000.

You can also download an order form.


You can also download an information flyer.

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